Reboot Delete File Ex v1.3

Carefully delete files on the next reboot without any risk.

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Reboot Delete File Ex is a completely free software designed to simply delete a file on the next reboot. Sometimes you may not be able to delete a file because it is locked or in use by other applications, or because it is a malware that has protection against file deletion. Use Reboot Delete File Ex to mark the file for deletion on the next reboot.

Some programs can delete locked files directly and without the need to reboot the PC, but doing so can be a bad idea, because if you try to unlock a file used by a system process, it can crash the system and you may lose your work. With Reboot Delete File Ex you can carefully delete a file on the next reboot without any risk.

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Additional Details

Program Version 1.3
File Size 1,09 MB
Last Updated 13 May 2014
Operating System Windows All (32-bit & 64-bit)
License Freeware